Spanish parent company

The organization includes stocks and manpower in accordance with the goal of meeting the expectations of the most demanding clients. To this end it features comprehensive industrial workspace premises with a surface area of 3,000sqm, housing our tailoring, upholstery, carpentry and metallurgy work-shops.

Also on location are our products’ show-studio, 200sqm in size, the office space where administrative and management processes unfold and a large fleet of vehicles devoted to our installation and delivery duties.

Dominican Republic Branch

Our business is housed in a 250sqm work hall in Bávaro Higüey R.D. featuring a tailoring and upholstery workshop, office space and a storage warehouse. We also have a considerable fleet of vehicles for offering our clients installation and delivery.

Mexican Branch

This outpost too, boasts 250sqm of industrial workspace located in Cancun Q Roo, in the Bodegas Caribox complex, Benito Juárez. The work hall features tailoring and upholstery workshops and storage. We also have a considerable fleet of vehicle for offering our clients installation and delivery duties.

Jamaican Branch

Decoraciones Egea will soon be announcing the upcoming opening of a new branch in Jamaica thanks to the trust of our clients and the increase in project requests.

We are currently carrying out textile decorations at Excellence Oyster Bay, a new luxury hotel located in the idyllic setting of Montego Bay.